Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Foggy Foggy Night  by J.A.Jackson

A Foggy night

A darken sky

Dark secrets

A husky shaky voice come from out of know where, is it from the sky?

A bird screeched

The moon is a glow…..

And then suddenly

A strange light rise up

Like soft lighting

It flash

Tearing open the real and the surreal

All around the air seems mystically charged

You feel like something is watching you…

A presence looms ever near just in the distance, a shadow from the darkness watches.

Its stares back at you eyes hidden by a hood.

There’s that  soft flash of light like a lightning bolt

The eyes gleam back at you they look like the eyes of a snake.

Your blood runs cold, your heart skips a beat…..

Then all at once you hear a  cold bloody scream from out of nowhere!

Just past your left  you hear a  crack of a tree branch someone is near…...

Then suddenly a loud high pitch shrill voice pierces the cold night air…….

 “Hello how you doing? I want to join the party, if that’s okay with you,"

 said a petite woman,  with a  round face framed by a mass of curly purple hair and  a face like a fairy-tale God Mother.

Author; Jerreece Jackson AKA  J.A.JACKSON ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012
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