Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Orchid Lover – The Eyes of Night - The Saga Continues 8-26-2012

That night it rained hard. Camille lay in her bed trying to sleep.
The rain came down in sheets.
“Tell no one I was here.”  Her grandmother’ words sliced the air as it carried on the wind.
Suddenly lighting flashed, and thunder crackled. Instantly Camille jerked her eyes wide.
 Someone stood at the foot of her bed. She focused her eyes. The image of her grandmother slowly faded. Her eyes lingered. She had heard many stories as a child that the dead do watch the living. She knew her grandmother was dead she attended the funeral. Now she was beginning to believe that the old saying was true.
The beating of the rain against her window pane sounded like a soothing lullaby being sung.
She watched as the room turned to darkness. A surreal quietness fell. Instantly blue light flashed and bolted across the room as if separating a curtain between two worlds.
Camille watched fascinated. She turned her head and stared at the clock beside her bed.  The hands of the clock wound backward.
“That’s weird,” she whispered. The hands of the clock went backward again.
And then the thought came to her. Camille remembered an old saying her grandmother used to say. They say the eyes of night can bring second sight. She wondered and closed her eyes. Hoping sleep would come.
The soothing lullaby sung out again. It slowly lured her to sleep. She slept hard







“Camille….Camille my love, wake up. Are you getting out of bed today?’ he asked, as his soft lips nuzzle her neck.

She shirred it had been so long. So long since Desmond Garcia had nuzzled her neck like that. The pleasure of his touch sent the blood rushing through her body.

She stirred and wondered. But how could that be? Desmond Garcia was dead. Her eyes opened wide. “No!”

Frantically Camille screamed. She jumped out of bed and realized she was fully naked. She clutched the sheet to her. As she frantically tried to put some distance between her and Desmond. “Oh dear God……Desmond!”

 In confusion she opened the closet door and hide in a corner. “No it can’t be you. It can’t be you, she cried over and over. “I saw you. You were dead!”

Desmond walked over and kneeled beside her. “Camille calm down, calm down,” he murmured softly as if speaking to a child. “My sweet baby you must have had a nightmare.”

Camille turned her head and closed her eyes, as she tried to wrap her mind around this unexplainable phenomenon. She clutched the sheet tightly around her

“Camille?” he whispered. “Camille if I were a ghost would I be able to touch your hand like this?”

He touched her hand. His touch was soft and gently.  Then he ran his fingers up her arm to touch her face. He caressed her face lovingly. Gently he ran his fingers through her hair.

Camille looked into his eyes. They were gentle and caring. She studied his features. His eyes were mesmerizing and warm. The deep coffee shade she loved. Desmond’s dark wavy hair was pulled into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. She loved that too about him. 

She reached out and touched his face. She traced her fingers down his chiseled cheekbones. Finally she touched his hair and tugged at his ponytail. It was Desmond Garcia. He was real.

 “Camille I’m human flesh and blood. You’ve got to trust me baby; you just had a bad dream. Remember last night we went to see that scary movie Chaos Phenomenon. I knew you shouldn’t have watched it. Remember?”

Camille’s heart raced. She remembered. She looked back at him as he helped her up, off the closet floor. His arms felt strong and warm. He was flesh and blood. She felt embarrassed. A thought came to her mind. “Desmond what day is it?”

“Babe it’s Monday.”

“I’m sorry Desmond,” Camille stammered. “I meant what year is it?”

“Baby its Monday August 10, 1998.”

There was a long pause of silence. It took Camille a moment to digest the date. She couldn’t believe her ears. She remembered the day. She remembered going to see the movie Chaos Phenomenon, with Desmond.   It was as if she stepped back in time. Back in time before Desmond Garcia died.


Stay tuned…….To be continued…


Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Orchid Lover – Camille & Nana’s Love -

The Orchid Lover – Camille & Nana’s Love -
The Saga Continues... 8-19-2012
All at once quietness settled over the room. The room seemed charged with an extraordinary energy.

Camille wiped her hands over her face checking to see if she was awake. It wasn’t a dream. It was real. Her grandmother was still standing before her.

Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead. Her stomach twisted in knots as fear overtook her. She recoiled with a sob and staggered back.

Her grandmother’s breathy disembodied voice filled the room. “Come now Lil C, you aren’t afraid of me? Aren’t you at least a little happy to see me?”

The room felt charged as a soft radiating energy filled the air.

Nana softly smiled. Her smile was reassuring.

All at once a strong comforting, familiar, childhood scent penetrated the air. The dark silence in the room melted away. Vivid colors made the room come to life. Like a screen from a movie.

Camille smiled softly the scent was her grandmothers. She knew it like the back of her hand. It felt like bliss. She was content. She remembered back. Only her grandmother called her Lil C.

“No I’m not afraid of you Nana,” she shook her head. “But I don’t understand. Why are you here?”

“Think of me as being a good friend who crossed many miles to come to pay a visit. I can tell you really needed a friend Camille. Anyway the dead do watch the living you know.”

The room felt changed and warm.

Camille found her courage. She took a step toward her grandmother and put her hand out.

“Hold on a minute,” her grandmother cautioned her. “I’m still full of dust, mist and vapor,” she grinned and stretched out her hand. Instantly the dust particles solidified and sparkled. Her fingers and hand molded into human form. Gently she reached out and clasped her granddaughter’s hand tightly. “There now my love. I won’t scare you off with a cold touch. I should feel warm now.”

“Yes, you do. You feel like…” Camille hesitated. It all seemed like a dream.

Her grandmother’s touch felt serene and everlasting. It was pure happiness, pure love. The love that had engulfed her shot instantly through her body.

Camille struggled to speak. Her gaze locked with her grandmother’s. “I R-Remember…..How much you love me. I remember you always promised me you’d be there for me.”

Camille’s voice shook with a sob.

“No worries Camille, everything will be alright. You’re a strong woman,” her grandmother assured her. “You just needed to know someone loves you, someone is looking out for you, and someone will help you.”

“But why do I need help? Why are you here to help me?”

A chill seeped through the air. The atmosphere in the room felt changed.

Her grandmother struggled to speak. “There are things you don’t know. Things about Desmond,” she hesitated. “Desmond had secrets.”

“Secrets?” Camille blinked not understanding.

The she gazed up at her grandmother her eyes transfixed. Her grandmother’s being grew faint like a shadow.

Camille’s eyes grew wide. “Nana, what’s wrong? You seem to be fading.”

“Shhhhh. Do you hear that?”

Camille stood still straining her ears. She shrugged. “No, I don’t hear a thing.”

“Lil C I have to leave you now. Tell no one I was here. You here me?” her voice fading. She murmured again. “Tell no one I was here,” her grandmother said as she vanished.

Stay tuned…….To be continued…

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Orchid Lover – The Saga Continues... 8-08-2012

The next morning, Gabby Baptiste made her way down the wide corridor leading from her kitchen to the dining room. She took small steady steps as she balanced the tray in her hands.

Gabby was a tiny woman in her in her early sixties. She was an attractive woman with dark brown hair was piled high on her head. A frizzle of soft graying strands lightly highlighted her temples.

“Good morning Camille,” Grabby said excitedly, entering the dining room as she gripped the laden tray tightly in her hands. It rattled loudly as she placed it on the table in front of her daughter.

The aroma of eggs, ham, potatoes and French toast filled the air as Gabby quickly laid them out on the dining room table.

Camille’s smile widen. She could never stay mad at her mother, with her bright smile and even brighter sunny yellow apron. The apron her mother was wearing was ridiculous. It sported a huge sunflower with a happy face consisting of buttons for eyes and orange yarn sewed on for its mouth. But she loved seeing her mom in it. The apron brought back memories of their first sewing project. It was sewn the year Camille was in sixth grade. It was her home economics class project.  

 “Camille, when you were little I used to fill this old teapot with milk. I’d serve you milk and cookies and let you pour, remember?” Gabby asked smiling as she gently poured a cup of tea.

“It smells heavenly,” Camille said as her mouth watered looking at all the good food.

Grabby tilted her head. “I made the French toast just the way you like it, with fresh orange juice whipped into the egg batter.”

“Gosh I love you Mom. You made all my favorites,” Camille smiled hefting large portions of food on to her plate.

Gabby watched her daughter intently. Her eyes glistened over with a mother’s love.

Camille took a bite of her French toast. “Hmmmmmm it’s so good.”   She gazed quickly at her mother and nodded. Instantly she realized her mother’s face was sad. She knew she was upset.

“What is it mother?”

Her mother poured herself a cup of tea and sat down next to her daughter. She took a sip before she spoke. Her voice was strained.  “I didn’t mean to upset you. I wouldn’t know what to do if you left and moved out,” she said sadly. “You know I wouldn’t throw out Desmond picture.”

“No wonder you cooked all of this food,” Camille said licking syrup off of her finger.

Camille wiped her hands on her napkin before reaching over to touch her mother’s hand.

 “Mom its okay,” she said leaning over to give her mother a hug. “I was overreacting. I should never have yelled at you like I did.  I’m so sorry.”

They hugged for several moments.

Gabby pulled out of her embrace first. She gazed back at her daughter. Tenderly she brushed a strand of hair from her face. “Camille my baby I’m sorry too.”

Camille’s face lit with happiness watching her mother smile. She turned her attention back to her plate and took a mouth full of food.

Gabby breathed out. Her voice shook with sadness.  “I should have realized this has been an extremely trying time for you,” a remorseful strain rose in Gabby’s voice. “I should have realized how much Desmond meant to you.”

“Yes he did mean a lot to me mother,” Camille said swallowing another bite.  She put a smile on her face hoping to lift her mother’s spirits. “But at least I still have you. Now it’s just you and me against the world.”

Gabby softly smiled. “Yes, two women against the world.” Her eyes flashed as if in deep thought. “But we are not two women alone in the world. We have family therefore we are rich in blood kin. Did you forget those cousins of mine?”

Camille almost choked on her tea. She laughed out. “Oh yeah begging Cousin Tobias Baptiste, better known as give-me-some money right now you know I’m good for it,” her voice shook with laughter. “And then there is loan me some money and I’ll pay you back on Tuesday. Better known as Cousin Giveme’ Hudson Baptiste. But what he really means is Tuesday in the year of never.”

Gabby joined her daughter laughing. “You know your cousins.”

Camille caught her breathe and sighed. She stiffened. She had almost forgotten about her cousin Larentia Acca Baptiste. She stared into her cup.

Silence fell.

Camille stared off into the distance remembering her cousin. A faraway look appeared in her eyes.

Larentia Acca Baptiste was born with smoldering good looks.   Her cousin Larentia thought she was a goddess.  She had a face that looked like one. But she had a heart that was cruel, evil, mean, and empty.

The moment was awkward.

Gabby glanced at her. The color had drained from Camille’s face.  She looked at her hand. The cup in Camille’s hand was tipping.

She reached out her hand and wrest the cup from her grip. “Camille…..”

“Oh,” Camille said coming out of her trance. She looked at her empty hand.

“I know what’s occupying your mind,” Gabby said with a pause.

Camille shoved another bite of food into her mouth. “What?”

 “You’re thinking about your cousin Larentia?”

“Who? No…..No. What I was thinking about was that I’m out of tea,” she said pouring herself another cup.

Gabby blinked with her thoughts. “Larentia wasn’t as lucky as you, Camille. When she was growing up, she had it hard. A hard life can sometimes harden a child. You had two parents who loved you.”

Camille looked wary. She heard this story too many times to count.  She thought of a diversion.

“Mother aren’t you going to bingo?”

“Gabby face perked up. “You…You think I should go? And leave you all alone?”

Camille gave her an encouraging nod. “Yes. Now get out of her before you’re late for your bingo game.”

Trying her best not to look too excited Gabby said. “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay with you?”

Camille’s voice was tender. “Oh, Mom you should go and have some fun. I’ll be fine.”

Gabby looked back at Camille taking off her apron. “Well if you are sure you will be okay. I guess I’m going to bingo”.

Twenty minutes later, Camille stood beside the living room window clutching the curtain as she watched her mother’s car pull away from the curb.

Camille closed the curtain and walked back into the dark living room and sat in her favorite chair. She sat drinking her tea.  She turned her head glancing at the faint light coming from the hallway. She heard faint sounds.  Her mother had left her television on again in her bedroom.

Camille sat back in her chair contemplating whether she should get up and go and turn off the television.

Suddenly she thought she heard something.

She tilted her head. Her ears strained trying to hear. The television wasn’t on anymore. She thought she heard the sound of footsteps in the distance.

“It’s such a beautiful day outside,” a detached wry voice said.

Her thoughts raced. Was she hallucinating?

The footsteps got closer.

 A cold chill came out of nowhere. Then a shiver ran down Camille’s spine.

“The living should enjoy the sunshine. Only the dead should stay inside,” the voice said.

Camille turned her head around. The voice she thought she’d heard off in the distance was now coming from the sofa across from her.

Her eyes grew wide as she watched a strange light illuminate bright into a vapor of air that transcended into a body form.


“Shut your mouth Camille or you’ll catch flies. Don’t you know its hard work to come and pay a visit from the other side?”

Stay tuned…….to be continued…

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Orchid Lover – The Saga Continues...

The next day, Camille Baptiste woke up before her mother Gabby Baptiste.   She listened intently for the sound of her mother walking about. Then threw off her covers and walked over to her window.  For several minutes she stood there gazing down.  

For a moment the street looked surreal.  Camille shook out her thoughts and then looked again. The street looked exactly as it did last night.  Only in the daylight the grass, trees houses and cars were brightening by the Sunlight.

 Last night had certainly been a strange especially coming face to face with a person from her past.

Camille took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She could smell Desmond Garcia’s brand of cigarettes and his aftershave. When she thought about him she could see him.

Desmond Garcia was a tall man. With jet back wavy hair and slanted sleepy lidded eyes of coffee brow.

  She breathed out slowly. Once again she felt that eerie feeling again. She felt like she was being watched. 
            The feeling grew and her heart beat raced wildly.  

That surreal feeling came again.  A chilled frisson passed over her.


Camille jumped as a shiver ran down her spine.

“Mom, I thought you were still asleep.

“Is anything wrong Camille? You almost jumped out of your skin,” Gabby Baptiste asked.

“Oh mom I’m fine.”

Gabby’ eyes dark as coffee widened. She knew her daughter. She wasn’t fine.  “Camille I just want to know what happened to you last night.”

She blew out a breath. “I don’t know mom. I guess I’ve just been working too much. That’s all it is. There is nothing to worry about.”

Gabby’s mother intuition was buying it. “You’re my daughter. I know you.  You are still not over that man’s death. You know that Desmond Garcia fellow?”

Camille shifted her gaze and turned to stare of the framed picture of Desmond she kept on her dresser.

Her mother watched her. “See you still have a picture of that dead man in your room.

Gabby walked over to the dresser and snatched up Desmond Garcia’s picture.

“The first thing I’m going to do is get rid of this picture.”

Camille moved quickly. “No!” She yelled at the top of her lungs. “If Desmond picture lives this house then I leave it too!”

Stay tuned…….to be continued…