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09-01-2012 The Orchid Lover – Desmond Garcia, The Very Tall Man - The Saga Continues...

09-01-2012  The Orchid Lover – Desmond Garcia, The Very Tall Man - The Saga Continues...  

Three weeks had passed since Desmond had suggested she accompany him to his estate for a vacation.  The fresh air had cleared her thoughts. In her wildest dreams, Camille could never have envisioned a bad dream that transported her through time. She slowly shook her head and realized maybe Desmond Garcia had been right. She’d just had a bad dream. 

Silently she walked down the corridor of the old hacienda. The home was huge. The estate had passed down to Desmond Garcia from his grandmother, Maria Theresa Diaz Galindo San Juan Bautista.  Desmond could trace his mixed ancestry background to direct descendants of the early California settlers from what is today Mexico. He was proud of his mixed ancestry, the Spanish, Native American, African American and Creole background that made him.

The huge estate sat on several acres hidden in a valley high above the hills of San Juan Bautista California. It was a beautiful hacienda styled home complete with compound walls, court yards, gardens, pools, and a private estate runway.

Once she’d reached the hallway leading to the in-door garden room. She stopped and closed her eyes and breathed deeply. The fragrant sweet heavenly scent of the Bourbon Rose kissed her nostrils. She took another breath and the pungent dried tea smell of the Asian Tea Rose greeted her. She opened her eyes and walked a few steps, admiring the elegant, grand, old-world loveliness of the big house.  The doorway of the glass conservatory was just to her right. Pausing, she stood unseen and studied him.  

Desmond Garcia was a very tall man. He was lean, with skin the color of honey. He stood amid a forest of potted plants. He wore a faded denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His blue jeans held deep neat creases. He had a handsome face with a small scar about his left eye that made him look like a warrior prince come to life from a fairy tale.  

He turned and resumed his task. Carefully he repotted one of his plants, babies as he called them. He lifted the pot and moved carefully.   She watched as he moved to the table containing his other prize babies, his other old-world roses and put the pot down. He looked admiringly at his other roses.  Noisette roses, Bourbon roses, Marchessa Boccella roses, and the grand rose herself, the Duchess de Brabant sat in majesty splendor, as Desmond went about his tasks. 

Silently Camille watched him. His flushed face made his high cheek bones enhanced and his deep coffee brown eyes glittered like crystals.

Those eyes could look right though to your soul, she thought.

“Camille my love,” Desmond said with his back turned to her. “Are you going to come in and join me? Or continue to stare at me from the doorway,” his voice said smoothly. “If you want to continue to stare at me, can I take my clothes off? I’m sure I’d look way better to you than my roses.”

Desmond turned and pinned her with one of his mesmerizing gazes.

Camille stood frozen on the spot. Her breath caught in her throat from the look he gave her. Passionate heat swept through her. She knew what that look meant.

Desmond smiled, breaking the spell.

“You sir are wicked,” she sucked in a deep breath.  “I know your ulterior motives,” she smiled allowing herself to relax as she moved closer into the room. “If you get naked I’m sure you would expect me to do the same. And I’m not sure the plant police would be happy about what would happen next,” she said her eyes shining with mischief.

Desmond chuckled softly and closed the distance between them.  “Yes but wouldn’t it be worth it. You’re learning about my talents and wonders in the conservatory. And our maybe getting caught, if there were plant police,” he hesitated. “I mean just the idea of getting caught making love to you here among the roses would be a memory worth having, wouldn’t it?”

Camille was stunned speechless as her brain thought about the images. She swallowed hard and stared back at him.

He grinned and leaned closer enclosing her body with his.


“What is it my dear?”

“I feel a little chilly, is there a window open?” she softly asked.

Desmond smiled. “I will warm you,” he said kissing her hard.

Stay tuned…….To be continued…
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