Sunday, September 14, 2014

--------------- What Inspires Author J. A. Jackson?

What Inspires Author J. A. Jackson?

Well I am inspired by many things.

Tidbits of odd knowledge I may pick up while reading during the day.

Odd questions that will fill my head. Questions that are what I refer to as the “What if” moments.

Everyday life experiences

Even old childhood memories give me inspiration.

However for my book ~ The Grand Hotel my inspiration came several places.

One from walking past the royal old Sir Drake Hotel on Powell Street in San Francisco one night.

Next from seeing a wedding reception held at the Fairmont Hotel.

And did I mention attending an annual Christmas event held in Danville California.

Well all of these things inspired me. But as to all the drama...

From the Debaucherous love affairs

To the Scandalous-Seduction that were mentioned in full force in my book....

Along with spine-tingling ghosts popping in and out.

Well these things were all from the mind of this author and hopefully provide a wonderful read.

Just thought you’d like to know a few things that inspired my novel, The Grand Hotel by J. A. Jackson.