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Chapter 17 Whips, lips, hips and other things…..

Later that same night, the moon was a luminant silver glow as Eve made her way to Xavier front door.

Eve reached behind and adjusted her black lace thong before she rang the doorbell. Music blared from the house. She was sure she heard Creedence Clearwater Revival. “Whoa, thought it was a nightmare, low, it's all so true They told me, don't go walkin' slow, the devil’s on the loose”

Xavier Newhouse opened the front door unbuttoning his black shirt. “Baby I’m so glad you made it,” he said waiving her in.

Eve walked in and swept aside her hair signaling for him to take her coat.

Xavier took her coat and let out a breath. “Damn you’re dangerously delicious.” He fought hard to slow down. “Do you want a glass of wine or something?”

Eve stood there in a black lace bra and thong. Her skin was perfect. She wore nothing else but thigh high leather boots. A small black leather whip was attached to her right thigh boot.

Eve took charge of the situation. Her eyes narrowed. Her voice was low like a purr. “You’ve got something I want. And I’ve got what you need,” she said in a sexy drawl, letting her hands cup her breasts. “This is strictly business not pleasure,” she turned and stared at him. “Do you have the fireplace going in the bedroom?” She asked.


“Good, then what’s your pleasure? Whips, Lips, hips or fingertips?” She asked then hesitated. “Oh and I do want the negatives to my photos or all hell will break loose Xavier!”

She led the way down the corridor.

Xavier followed with a wide grin on his face.

In the bedroom Eve closed the door. She walked slowly toward him.

Xavier’s heart was pounding. The moment was intense. His chest clenched. His throat was dry.

Eve walked over and touched his chest and quickly released the buttons from his shirt. “Xavier I’ll take that drink now.”

Quickly Xavier poured from the decanter next to the bed.

Eve intertwined her arm with his. “Let’s drink like they do in the movies,” she purred.

He smiled back hungrily and agreed. He thrust back his head with the heady drink just as she did.

Then without a word Eve leaned over and kissed him. His lips covered hers and coaxed them apart. Eve eased back against the bed as her tongue crept forward searching for his. Then the kiss broke out of control.

Xavier tore his mouth from hers. His tongue traced down to the valley between her full breasts. He fought to slow down but found that he couldn’t. He took one firm nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. He moaned. He felt like he was under a spell.

“God I want to be inside you Eve.” He was burning with desire for this woman. His cock stained at the walls of his pants.

“Eve…Eve…Please help me take my pants off?”

He froze. He thought he heard a rumbling. He looked back at Eve. His body tensed.

A split second later Eve thought she heard the song again.

Better run through the jungle, don't look back……

The last thing Eve heard was Xavier growling. Before he fell forward on top of her and fell fast asleep.


Eve called his name again. “Xavier? Are you alright?”

“He can’t harm you. He’s asleep.” A woman’s voice sliced the air. “Just push him off of you.”

Eve pushed as she was told. She looked to see where the perky high pitched voice was coming from. A small petite woman stood at the front of the bed.

“Who…Who are you?”

“You really want to know if I’m real, don’t you Eve?”

Instantly Eve scrambled to her feet. “Well yes.”

“I’m not a ghost or a witch,” the small framed woman said. “I’m Matilda.”

“Well Matilda it’s nice to meet you and I’m glad you’re not a ghost or a witch. But you kind of interrupted me….I mean Xavier and I.”

“He wasn’t meant for you,” Matilda said. “He isn’t your type anymore. Besides, you just came for your photos. They’re in the nightstand under the liquid decanter,” she paused. “So are the negatives.”

Eve walked over and opened the drawer. She grinned wide. “There it is.”

She swirled around. “Why did you help me?”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? I’m Glenda D’Goodwrench-Jackson’s assistant, Matilda. “Now Eve you really should be more discreet in the future. Make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Come on I’ll walk you to your car,” she smiled. “You must leave before Xavier wakes up and wants to finish what he started.”

A few minutes later Eve stood at her car.

Matilda watched as Eve’s eyes sparkled. “I don’t know how to thank you Matilda,” she said giving the small woman a hug.

Matilda watched as Eve drove away.

A laughing voice buzzed the air and cleared its throat. “Oh assistant of mine. Didn’t you forget something?”

“Hmmmm Oh yeah, Eve, I can’t stop Malak from discovering that you’d been here,” Matilda yelled out as Eve’s car drove away.

The chilly night air whipped.

“Oh dear me,” Matilda said shaking her head. “Do you think she heard me?”

“Hump...Hump…Hump. My assistant you have much to learn,” Glenda said as her eyes sparkled with a strange iridescent light. “No….No….I don’t think she heard you. But she’ll soon discover what she needs to know.”

Matilda cleared her throat. “I just hope everything will be okay between Eve and Malak. I hope I didn’t mess things up.”

Glenda smiled wide. Her white teeth gleamed in the moon light. “She is still wearing the pendant Malak gave her. That is good.”

Why?” Matilda asked.

“Because true love never fades and because she is protected by the angels as long as she wears the pendant. I would not fear for Eve.”

“But Glenda what about your love potion,” puzzled Matilda asked.

“Come along Matilda, I can’t tell you everything. Wait and see what happens between the two young lovers.”

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A Geek, an Angel & the Deceiver

Enter the world of Eve Lafoy- a world of decadent parties, sultry encounters and inhabited by jealously and betrayal. B> A Geek, an Angel & the Deceiver

Enter the world of Eve Lafoy- a world filled with decadent parties,

sultry encounters a fabulous nightlife in a world inhabited by jealously and betrayal.

After losing her heart at sixteen, Eve Lafoy spent her life in a string of painful relationships. Now at twenty six, her life is comfortable without romance. No man is worth the effort. In fact she is thriving and her life couldn’t be better.

A surprise Sunday Brunch encounter with mysteriously handsome Malak Deville has Eve rethinking her thoughts after she gets wrapped up in Malak’s strong embrace her indifference changes into fascination and then into desire.

Malak Deville hides a secret. He has been wounded deeply by a woman. Yet, after his first time seeing Eve, he knew he enjoyed her company and she was just the woman he wanted to spend his life with.

But she refused to take him seriously. Yet he’s not about to give up on the woman who can fill the emptiness in his heart. Malak is willing to rely upon the magic of everyday things to win her heart.

Together they encounter fate, an implacable enemy, and a rival’s schemes….

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