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The Grand Hotel by J.A. JACKSON

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

The Womanizer, Blame it on alcohol!

Minutes later Pauline settled into a chair at the bar. With one hand she clasped her glass and then brought the straw to her lips. The drink felt good going down.

She stared back at the ceiling to floor mirror in front of her. It reflected back the corridor leading to the main hallway back toward the front of the hotel.

It didn’t take long for Pauline to focus her eyes on the two men standing under a huge elaborate Spanish Revivalist painting on the wall.

She glanced back intently. They wore uniforms with gold buttons and black arm slashes. She looked again and saw the letters MP on their arms.

Then a thought struck her. She wondered if they were looking for one of the young men present at the event.

Pauline hadn’t turned the thought over in her mind when she heard someone call her name.

“Pauline?” a woman’s delicate voice asked, taking the seat next to her.

“Pearl, what are you doing here?”

“I just needed a moment to myself,” Pearl shrugged her shoulders taking a seat beside her. “I was backstage with Mother Kahina Laveau, but the loud chatter of children trying to talk over each other was getting on my nerves. How Mother Laveau can stand it I’ll never know. And you?

” “My nerves were on edge too. But for different reasons.”

Pearl’s eyes grew thoughtful. “Say, what’s that you’re drinking? It looks mighty thirst quenching.”

“It is,” Pauline swallowed hard and waived her hand. “Darn, I forgot what it is called,” she took the final sip, swallowed hard and then put the empty glass back on the counter.

Pauline then paused a moment. She rubbed her brow as if she was trying to remember.

“Say Bartender, my friend Pearl will have one of these,” she said lifting her drink. “What’s it called again?” she asked but didn’t wait for him to answer. “Oh never mind, and bring me another one too.”

Minutes later, the bartender walked over with their drinks.

“Bartender, what’s this drink called again,” Pauline asked as he placed her drink in front of her.

“Madam, the drink is called a Sloe Gin Fizz,” the bartender said.

“Well, ain’t that a cute name,” Pauline smiled.

She nodded and lifted her glass up and Pearl took the hint.

Pauline and Pearl clinked glasses together.

Pearl took a sip from her straw. “Gosh this is good, thanks for suggesting it.”

“No problem,” Pauline nodded.

“Say Pauline, do you have some sort of man trouble?” Pearl curiously asked.

“Not exactly. My trouble is called daughter trouble. And she thinks mommy is stupid.”


“Yeah, you see my daughter wants to be Queen but she doesn’t understand. Mommy and Daddy can’t buy her everything.”

Pearl nodded her head in understanding.

All at once Pauline raised her brow. “What about you Pearl? Do you have man trouble?” she gently asked.

Pearl nodded her head. “No…No… I’m afraid not,” she lied hoping Pauline didn’t notice. “That’s too bad. Man trouble is the most sinful and sensually stimulating trouble to have,” she said raising a mock toast.

Pearl took a big swig on her straw. Before she could answer, a man emerged in the doorway of the bar. Her eyes glanced up toward the tall man as recognition hit.

“Don’t look now Pauline, but I believe you’ve just summoned up yourself some stimulating man trouble. There’s your husband Jean Baptiste,” Pearl said with a nod.

“Huh?” Pauline turned around in her seat. She smiled softly, slanting her eyes to focus. Her eyes beheld Jean Baptiste staring back at her lovingly.

“Pauline, please come dance with me,” Jean Baptiste’s deep voice tenderly sliced the air. “There’s a romantic garden area on the second floor and it made me think of you.”

“I thought you left Jean. I’m so glad you didn’t,” she murmured, smiling wide. “Oh yes, I will come and dance with you. Yes I will!” Pauline repeated, as she rushed over making her way to him. Pearl watched Pauline and Jean Baptiste leaving arm in arm. “Damn that lucky bitch, Jean loves her very much,” she murmured under her breath.

“Envious are we Pearl? I can see Louis leaving you alone all the time is starting to take a toll?” Pearl clenched her teeth. “Monty! Where did you come from? You really shouldn’t eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.”

“For your information I wasn’t eavesdropping. I was sitting beside the two of you unnoticed, the whole time,” he said, finishing off his drink and waiving for the bartender.

Silence fell.

The bartender rushed over and quickly gave him a fresh drink.

Monty picked up his glass and sipped. Finally he broke the ice. His grin was easy like a triumphant man who’d just won a god medal. “Let me tell you about yourself Pearl. You married young. Too young,” he paused. “Before you had a chance to experience life,” his gaze held hers. It promised everything. “You’re a woman that needs to be loved. You’re starved for it. I won’t be a fake liar with you, Pearl. I want to go to bed with you, not only because I know I’ve fallen madly in love with you, but because your body is starving for attention. It’s calling out to me,” he licked his lips. “I bet you’ve never slept with anyone but your husband Louis, have you?”

Pearl’s eyes narrowed. She hadn’t expected his directness. “You’ve got some nerve Monty.”

Monty touched her arm as he looked into her eyes. “Why, because I believe every woman has the right, in her life-time, to experience the best hot wicked sex she’s ever had,” he paused to let his words set in.

His fingers slowly caressed her hand and slowly edged up her arm. “You know the kind. The kind that can fulfill and satisfy that deep sexual hunger a woman has all pent up inside of her. The kind she can remember for a lifetime.”

They glanced between each other.

Pearl realized Monty was loaded with a lot of hot and spicy words and some of it was the most exceptionally sweet talk she’d ever heard.

Grudgingly Pearl tried to look away. She had to admit that Monty had her number down. Tonight was the first night in months that Louis had spent any time with her. The dance they’d shared together had not been enough. Knowing Louis, he had probably penciled her into his night’s agenda.

Pearl sighed, thinking how she’d been patient every year for the months leading up to the Grand Isle Ball. Every year it was the same. Louis would be too busy to notice her. A few nights before she’d dress in a black lace veiled negligee’ and climb into bed beside Louis, only to find he had fallen fast asleep. As usual he’d be too busy to show his wife any affection or give her the much needed attention she craved. Her body felt starved.

Monty lost himself in Pearl’s beautiful face. He could tell she was tormented by her thoughts. He studied her while her mind was distracted. She was just where he wanted her to be.

She was the kind of woman a man wanted to give everything he owned to. He reached out and clasped her hand in his. Her skin felt so soft.

Pearl looked up into Monty’s eyes. His eyes flickered wickedly back at her with hot desire. He wanted her.

“It’s getting hot in here,” she said swallowing hard. “I…I need to get going Monty.”

His eyes looked at her tenderly. His voice was soft. “I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you Pearl. I swear. I’m sorry if I offended you. But I had to get that off of my chest. It’s hard to find a good woman like you Pearl. I envy Louis. Forgive me,” he reached out and took her hand and brought it to his lips. “If I ever got the chance I could love you better. I could satisfy you.” Pearl felt weak. Her resolve was dissolving.

“Have a drink with me. As a friend,” his eyes pleaded. “Please?”

“Sure,” Pearl said with a nod. She couldn’t seem to say no to him. She lifted her glass.

“Here’s to a woman of few words and great beauty. Mrs. Pearl La Cour, a woman full of all the right stuff,” he said swallowing his drink.

Pearl quietly watched Monty. For some reason she couldn’t seem to raise the glass to her lips. “Drink up Pearl, drink up,” Monty said encouragingly. He kept his eyes on her drink. Watching her bring it to her lips.

All at once Pearl turned her head. She caught a glimpse of something.

The atmosphere in the room seemed to change suddenly.

“What a strange feeling,” she said bewildered.

The room enfolded like a serene heavy fog. It carried a feeling as if something not of this world. “What is it Pearl?”

“Can you feel it? It reminds me of something. Something my grandmother would call having a visit. You know someone visiting from out of the past,” she shivered. “Don’t you feel it Monty?”

Silence hung in the air at that moment as slowly a woman’s body came into view in front of her. She had curly kinky red hair and large saucer-wide innocent blue eyes.

Pearl shook her head she was speechless. At that moment she was thankful her grandmother, Madeleine Chaminade, had been born with second sight. She had taught her many things and told her that there were a lot of things that didn’t belong to this world.

The woman was like a dream, a ethereal creature of peace come to life. She wasn’t ordinary. She reached out and took Pearl’s drink. Her silvery and emotionless voice penetrated the air. “I’ll toast with him, if you like.”

Monty shook his head and looked back at the redheaded woman. “Baby, where have you been all of my life?” he asked curiously, as if held in a trance.

Pearl looked up at the woman and forced herself to consider the possibility that she was hallucinating. The more she stared at the ethereal redheaded woman, the more she knew that there was an angel underneath that mop of red hair. She supposed that a sinner like Monty didn’t stand a chance. Everyone knew Angels preferred Geeks to sinners.

Pearl gave a short laugh. She wasn’t amused. “Well Monty. I guess that’s my signal to leave. I’ll be seeing you. Oh and enjoy your new friend. If she stays around you long enough,” she whispered under her breath with a deep knowing as she headed for the exit.

“Bye Pearl,” Monty said eying the redheaded woman as if he’d been in love with her forever.

Seconds later Monty shook his head. He felt strange. “Pearl….Pearl. Hey wait a minute. I don’t know what I’m doing. I swear it. It must be the alcohol. Come back Pearl,” he called after her. Quickly he turned around. “Say lady what did you put in my drink?” he rubbed his brow. “Did you switch our drinks?”

The red headed lady wasn’t there. It was as if she’d vanished into thin air.

The Grand Hotel

Louis’ successful life is deceiving.

His wife Pearl is still haunted by the sins of her youth.

Discover what will happen amidst the glamour & glitter of the Annual Gala.

Where a night of crimes of seething passion, ignite and explode!

Is Love more destructive than hate?

The Grand Hotel by Author J.A. JACKSON

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