Monday, August 22, 2011

I decided I'd stay I fight

"I just can’t give up now. This road wasn’t easy. But I did follow the yellow brick road just like you told me.  That last people hill wasn't easy to climb. And there were mean, ugly, and nasty people along the way", the young girl sighed bitterly. "But I decided I would stay and continue?"
The angel shook his head. " Good, then ease on down the road Maggie Mae. Life is always a fight up the ugly people hill. But others have made it climbing up the ugly nasty people hill we call those who cause pain to others.  In the end they have to face  the pain they caused in their lies. And in the end they lose something far greater. They lose their souls".
Maggie Mae smiled at the angel. "I will keep going then. You brought me this far.  I know you won't leave me".
The angel's caring eyes beamed. "Continue on your journey, Maggie Mae. I will never leave you. At the end of your road you will see a rainbow. Continue on the Thin Man and the Fat Lion will be waiting. And don't forget to carry Toto".
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