Thursday, April 17, 2014

BOOK TITLE CONTEST! What is the best name for this book. See Book Summary Below!


BEST TITLE WINS A FREE BOOK! A brief summary of the book I was calling

Gator Gumbo

It is a contemporary novel, bittersweet romance tale revolving around two star crossed lovers Lacey and Kienan. After growing up they grew apart. Growing up Lacey lost her hopeful playful spirit after Kienan dumped her. Her manipulative, selfish older brother Nicholas La Cour has a talent for manipulation and he loves money. He’s spends his and he needs more. He plots and schemes his way into getting others to do his bidding. Then tragic forces are unleashed as Nicholas opens up doors to the past. The past were the dead never dies.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My New Book Needs A Book Cover.....Which one do you like?


I need to make a book cover for my new book Gator Gumbo.....

I have finished three (3) jackets but can't seem to make a decision on how it should look.

I will list three designs. One per post.

#2 Black and White Photo with title on top of page.

Here is Cover #1 Color photo title top of page

Help me pick one or make it better.

Here is Cover #3 BLUE Color Cover

Email me

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Writing The Story ….Some Suggestions & Things to Remember When Writing…

It’s not only what happens when you write, but who, what, when, how and where. Pace your book when writing. Be sure you string the reader along. What do I mean by string the reader along? I mean make the reader interested so that the reader keeps reading.

Think of what happens next? What are you doing to move the story alone?

In some chapters you want to give out information and introduce the complication (plot). This is where you make it interesting to keep the reader reading. Know what to tell and what to leave off.

Check your outline against your story. Look at the beginning, middle and end of your story.

Remember the key elements of your story. Have you introduced your main characters such as the hero, or heroine? When describing them choose your words carefully. Think of it this way the amount of time you spend describing a character tells the reader how important they are.

Let your character’s voices speak.

Next up complication (plot) and the secondary characters. Who are they? What do they do?

Next do you have confrontations, suspense, physical attraction, and the realization of something unattainable? >p> What are these?

Things that keep you story moving. This is not to say you give the reader every small detail.

Now start writing!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pride, Prejudice, Procrastination...

Pride, Prejudice, Procrastination….

What are they? Words that begin with the letter P




Quit holding back!

Where is your passion?

Take the plunge!

Get into the flow of process and get back to writing.

Writing must have a beginning, before it can have a middle and then an ending. Today is the first day of your writing journey. Journey on….Write!

Friday, March 28, 2014

The 15-Minute Social Media Audit Everyone Can Do!

See the attached link for full article....

The 15-Minute Social Media Audit Everyone Can Do!

Written by Kevan Lee Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 Written by Kevan Lee Check list The word “audit” deserves more love than it gets. When I hear the word, my mind goes straight to tax season and the manila envelope crammed with receipts and forms that I keep stashed away in the closet. Audits seem to equal anxiety, which is too bad – because not all audits are created equal. A tune-up at the garage is essentially an audit for your car, a check-up at the doctor is an audit of your health. You can learn a lot from regular reviews like these. The same holds true for an audit of your social media marketing. You can learn a lot from an examination of how you manage (or don’t manage) your online brand. If it helps to think of a social media audit as something else—a marketing mastermind, maybe?—then so be it. Don’t let the word “audit” get in the way of checking in regularly with your social profiles. It’s easier and more helpful than you think. Social media audits matter for everyone Maintaining a social media presence can be a full-time job, which makes it kind of difficult if your full-time job requires your time and attention be spent elsewhere. Social media profiles can fall into disrepair quickly when left alone. An audit can help get things back on track. On the flip side, there are those of you who actively maintain social media profiles and take great pain to keep everything updated and cohesive. Audits are helpful in these instances, too. They can serve as much-needed opportunities for reflection and growth. Basically, audits are helpful for everyone, no matter where you’re at with your social media marketing.

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