Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Diamond at Midnight Dance, lies and dirty betrayals…

Diamond at Midnight Dance, lies and dirty betrayals… Lost and entangled in a world of secrets, lies, and betrayals. Diamond’s world is turned upside down when her ruthless cold-hearted boyfriend Allen, kicks her to the curb. Growing up on the mean streets of Chicago prepared Diamond Dunbar for almost anything. With her sights set on a college education, she’s ready to live the dream. Her boyfriend, Allen built his reputation on ruthlessness. After making a questionable business arrangement with Diamond, he pulls the rug right out from under her. Diamond finds herself in a hopeless situation. Caught in a train wreck of heartbreak and betrayal, she couldn’t believe this was happening to her. With her future on the line, enter, Max, he’s enthralled with Diamond. Diamond can’t resist the attention of Max. Yes, he’s tall, dark and handsome but can she trust him with her secret? Can Max help her navigate through her complicated world of secrets, lies, and betrayal? When trust is an option. Trust no one!