Saturday, August 13, 2011

I remember when I called you friend

All at once I see it clearly though my vision. It is another time.  I see back as my eyes gazed upon my vision. I smile softly as I look into your eyes. It was a time long ago when I called you friend.  Your smile beamed back at me way back then. Your eyes were kind, caring and tender to be hold.  We’d talk for hours and never grew tired of the tales that we told each other. I can remember how some tales we told over and over, again. We never grew tired of listening. Just like old friends are suppose to.  Now I look back now across the miles I try to recall your face. I look closely trying to see. You cheek, you nose, your eyes and that funny way you used to grin. So long ago it seems, that time, way back when. You made me smile and I called you my friend.  I remember now once upon a time when I called you friend.
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