Sunday, August 28, 2011


She gently took her granddaughters hand. “What’s done is done”, she said firmly. "At least Nate wasn't badly hurt. Next time you feel frustrated that Nate is talking properly just have a little patience with him. Don't hit him upside the head with the broom!"
Kadria took a couple steps away from her grandmother. Head bowed. "Are you going to punish me?"
"No, watching you apologize to Nate was punishment enough for you but I am going to tell your parents what you did.
Her grandmother walked and set in her favorite spot on the redwood deck The porch swing. She nodded at her granddaughter. "Come and sit with me Kadira".
Kadria slowly walked over and stood by her grandmother for a moment and than sat down.
“My granddaughter never let the light withinyou fail. It was given to you by the angels. It’s your light of hope”, she
smiled. “Did I ever tell you that when you were born three stars fell down from heaven?”
The little girl tired to ignore the questions. "But grandmother you still have explained why Nate hates me so much?"
Her grandmother looked back at her with anxious eyes. "Kadria child! Nate does hate you he does all those stupid thing to you because he like you".
Kadria shrugged. "Well I don't like him. He slow and his stupid. He never gets a complete word out of his mouth that makes sense. That's why I hit him with the broom".
Her grandmother smiled. "Nate talks like that's because he likes you so much. So why don't you try not calling him names and try and get along. Okay?"
To be Continued....
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