Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Orchid Lover

Lighting exploded in the dark sky, as Camille Baptiste parked her car.  It was half past midnight on a Saturday night. She smiled recalling a distant memory. It was one of her grandmother saying. Beware half past midnight, because it was the bewitching hour.

  Camille Baptiste shook out her thoughts. She was dead tired, she realized as she as she made her way down the street toward the house. It was then it happened. Behind her as she took another step. She saw the lights flash as if by magic, she stopped abruptly and turned her head. She turned around quickly taking another step.  

  Camille Baptiste eyes widen in recognition. She stood staring spellbound. A ghostly eerie white light glowed back at her. It raised the hairs on the back of her neck.
Desmond Garcia wasn’t standing in front of her. But his ghost was.
She gasped and took a step back. Disbelieving panic overtook her. “Desmond….Desmond… But you’re dead. I saw them kill you.”
Desmond’s body floated like a vapor on the wind.
That was the last thing Camille remembered before the shock took body and she went limp. She fell hard to the ground.
The shrill shriek of a siren blaring imperiously was the next thing she remembered.
Someone was shining a flashlight into her face. She opened her eyes tying to see.
 “Miss….Miss. Are you alright?” the police asked.
Camille recovered enough to answer.  “Yes,” she said taking his hand to pull herself up.

Stay tuned…….to be continued…