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The Orchid Lover – Camille & Nana’s Love -

The Orchid Lover – Camille & Nana’s Love -
The Saga Continues... 8-19-2012
All at once quietness settled over the room. The room seemed charged with an extraordinary energy.

Camille wiped her hands over her face checking to see if she was awake. It wasn’t a dream. It was real. Her grandmother was still standing before her.

Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead. Her stomach twisted in knots as fear overtook her. She recoiled with a sob and staggered back.

Her grandmother’s breathy disembodied voice filled the room. “Come now Lil C, you aren’t afraid of me? Aren’t you at least a little happy to see me?”

The room felt charged as a soft radiating energy filled the air.

Nana softly smiled. Her smile was reassuring.

All at once a strong comforting, familiar, childhood scent penetrated the air. The dark silence in the room melted away. Vivid colors made the room come to life. Like a screen from a movie.

Camille smiled softly the scent was her grandmothers. She knew it like the back of her hand. It felt like bliss. She was content. She remembered back. Only her grandmother called her Lil C.

“No I’m not afraid of you Nana,” she shook her head. “But I don’t understand. Why are you here?”

“Think of me as being a good friend who crossed many miles to come to pay a visit. I can tell you really needed a friend Camille. Anyway the dead do watch the living you know.”

The room felt changed and warm.

Camille found her courage. She took a step toward her grandmother and put her hand out.

“Hold on a minute,” her grandmother cautioned her. “I’m still full of dust, mist and vapor,” she grinned and stretched out her hand. Instantly the dust particles solidified and sparkled. Her fingers and hand molded into human form. Gently she reached out and clasped her granddaughter’s hand tightly. “There now my love. I won’t scare you off with a cold touch. I should feel warm now.”

“Yes, you do. You feel like…” Camille hesitated. It all seemed like a dream.

Her grandmother’s touch felt serene and everlasting. It was pure happiness, pure love. The love that had engulfed her shot instantly through her body.

Camille struggled to speak. Her gaze locked with her grandmother’s. “I R-Remember…..How much you love me. I remember you always promised me you’d be there for me.”

Camille’s voice shook with a sob.

“No worries Camille, everything will be alright. You’re a strong woman,” her grandmother assured her. “You just needed to know someone loves you, someone is looking out for you, and someone will help you.”

“But why do I need help? Why are you here to help me?”

A chill seeped through the air. The atmosphere in the room felt changed.

Her grandmother struggled to speak. “There are things you don’t know. Things about Desmond,” she hesitated. “Desmond had secrets.”

“Secrets?” Camille blinked not understanding.

The she gazed up at her grandmother her eyes transfixed. Her grandmother’s being grew faint like a shadow.

Camille’s eyes grew wide. “Nana, what’s wrong? You seem to be fading.”

“Shhhhh. Do you hear that?”

Camille stood still straining her ears. She shrugged. “No, I don’t hear a thing.”

“Lil C I have to leave you now. Tell no one I was here. You here me?” her voice fading. She murmured again. “Tell no one I was here,” her grandmother said as she vanished.

Stay tuned…….To be continued…
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