Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Orchid Lover – The Eyes of Night - The Saga Continues 8-26-2012

That night it rained hard. Camille lay in her bed trying to sleep.
The rain came down in sheets.
“Tell no one I was here.”  Her grandmother’ words sliced the air as it carried on the wind.
Suddenly lighting flashed, and thunder crackled. Instantly Camille jerked her eyes wide.
 Someone stood at the foot of her bed. She focused her eyes. The image of her grandmother slowly faded. Her eyes lingered. She had heard many stories as a child that the dead do watch the living. She knew her grandmother was dead she attended the funeral. Now she was beginning to believe that the old saying was true.
The beating of the rain against her window pane sounded like a soothing lullaby being sung.
She watched as the room turned to darkness. A surreal quietness fell. Instantly blue light flashed and bolted across the room as if separating a curtain between two worlds.
Camille watched fascinated. She turned her head and stared at the clock beside her bed.  The hands of the clock wound backward.
“That’s weird,” she whispered. The hands of the clock went backward again.
And then the thought came to her. Camille remembered an old saying her grandmother used to say. They say the eyes of night can bring second sight. She wondered and closed her eyes. Hoping sleep would come.
The soothing lullaby sung out again. It slowly lured her to sleep. She slept hard







“Camille….Camille my love, wake up. Are you getting out of bed today?’ he asked, as his soft lips nuzzle her neck.

She shirred it had been so long. So long since Desmond Garcia had nuzzled her neck like that. The pleasure of his touch sent the blood rushing through her body.

She stirred and wondered. But how could that be? Desmond Garcia was dead. Her eyes opened wide. “No!”

Frantically Camille screamed. She jumped out of bed and realized she was fully naked. She clutched the sheet to her. As she frantically tried to put some distance between her and Desmond. “Oh dear God……Desmond!”

 In confusion she opened the closet door and hide in a corner. “No it can’t be you. It can’t be you, she cried over and over. “I saw you. You were dead!”

Desmond walked over and kneeled beside her. “Camille calm down, calm down,” he murmured softly as if speaking to a child. “My sweet baby you must have had a nightmare.”

Camille turned her head and closed her eyes, as she tried to wrap her mind around this unexplainable phenomenon. She clutched the sheet tightly around her

“Camille?” he whispered. “Camille if I were a ghost would I be able to touch your hand like this?”

He touched her hand. His touch was soft and gently.  Then he ran his fingers up her arm to touch her face. He caressed her face lovingly. Gently he ran his fingers through her hair.

Camille looked into his eyes. They were gentle and caring. She studied his features. His eyes were mesmerizing and warm. The deep coffee shade she loved. Desmond’s dark wavy hair was pulled into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. She loved that too about him. 

She reached out and touched his face. She traced her fingers down his chiseled cheekbones. Finally she touched his hair and tugged at his ponytail. It was Desmond Garcia. He was real.

 “Camille I’m human flesh and blood. You’ve got to trust me baby; you just had a bad dream. Remember last night we went to see that scary movie Chaos Phenomenon. I knew you shouldn’t have watched it. Remember?”

Camille’s heart raced. She remembered. She looked back at him as he helped her up, off the closet floor. His arms felt strong and warm. He was flesh and blood. She felt embarrassed. A thought came to her mind. “Desmond what day is it?”

“Babe it’s Monday.”

“I’m sorry Desmond,” Camille stammered. “I meant what year is it?”

“Baby its Monday August 10, 1998.”

There was a long pause of silence. It took Camille a moment to digest the date. She couldn’t believe her ears. She remembered the day. She remembered going to see the movie Chaos Phenomenon, with Desmond.   It was as if she stepped back in time. Back in time before Desmond Garcia died.


Stay tuned…….To be continued…

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