Monday, September 17, 2012

Posted on 09-16-2012 The Orchid Lover, Spoiling the Morning Breakfast…


To Camille’s astonishment, four weeks had passed quietly. Now her cousin Larentia Acca Batiste was as familiar in the rambling old hacienda as she was. 

The two cousins looked at each other over coffee that morning.
     Larentia was the first to speak. “Now admit it cousin you are happy I’m here?”

“Yes, I have to admit having you around has been fun,” Camille said rising to walk over to the buffet hutch to refill her plate.  “The scrambled eggs were cooked to perfection this morning. I believe I’ll just have a little more.”

Larentia shrugged and sighed deeply. “I’ve been here four weeks now and I’m a little bored. Nothing fun ever happens around her. Everything is just so ordinary,” she sighed heavily.

Suddenly the door of the dining room swung open. Desmond Garcia walked in carrying flowers. His face was flushed. He was breathing hard.

“Oh my goodness those are beautiful,” Camille exclaimed taking a half step backward. She turned around and resumed what she was doing.

“Who sent them?” Larentia asked.

“Why Desmond did of course,” Camille excitedly said without looking up.

Desmond’s strained voice rose into the air. “No I didn’t.”

Camille twirled around abruptly. “You didn’t?” She asked with deep concern.

She looked up at Desmond. He stared back at her.

The room felt uncomfortable.

“Well? He said.

“Desmond I don’t understand. You’re standing their holding what looks like about four dozen red roses in an elegant crystal vase and you didn’t send them. They can’t be for me.”

“But they are for you. The card says so. Read it,” Desmond commanded.

Camille looked again at Desmond’s face before reaching for the card. She opened it slowly.

“My Dearest Camille, Passion is loves most powerful force in the whole universe. But I’ve told you that many times before. I don’t regret your coming to see me four weeks ago and I hope you don’t either. I know you were upset when you did. But what happened between us was meant to happen.

This won’t be my last message. I fight for what I want and Camille I want you.

   These roses are a symbol of how much you mean to me. Our romance is everlasting. For it will never know an ending. Honestly I don’t know what you see in Desmond Garcia. But I’m waiting whenever you need me. I’m here for you. Yours truly with all my love. Delmar Devereaux.”

Camille looked between Desmond and her cousin Larentia.

Desmond turned away. But not before Camille saw pain and betrayal raging in his face.

“Desmond!” Camille called out sharply. “We need to talk.”

At the sound of her voice Desmond stiffens slightly. He dropped the vase of roses. They went crashing to the floor. “No! Not right now. Not right now. I can’t,” he choked out leaving the room.

“For Christ sake, Desmond this is not what it looks like,” Camille pleaded.

Stay tuned…….To be continued…

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