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10-03-2012 The Orchid Lover –A Flash of Light -The Story continues….

The foggy mist slowly cleared as Larentia drove her car around the curve. The headlights of her car shone on the house as it came into the view.

 Delmar Devereaux called his home the Casa de Delmar.  What he described as a home was really a rusty elegant old mansion nestled on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Larentia pulled her car onto the private road. She checked the clock on her dashboard. It was almost three in the morning. Her eyes glanced at the car thermometer it read thirty eight degrees Fahrenheit. It was a good thing Delmar was expecting her it was cold out.

She drove a short distance and made her way the curving driveway and parked her car.  She reached over to the empty seat next to her and retrieved her coat.

She got out of the car and grab her overnight bag. The dark sky broke into crack of thunder as lighting exploded.

Quickly she made it to the front door and rang the bell.

Delmar answered the door. He grinned wide. “Ah you made Larentia. I knew you would come. Quickly come inside its cold out.”

 Larentia stepped into the foyer. Her eyes glimpsed a person staring.  

Standing off down the hallway she saw a lithe silent gray hair old woman staring back at her.

“Who’s that?” Larentia asked.

“I’m Lupe Clay the housekeeper. Who are you?”

Delmar softly smiled. “Lupe this is Larentia Acca Baptiste she is harmless.”

Lupe stood her ground. Her eyes looked Larentia up and down slowly. “She’s not harmless. Not wearing a fur coat that expensive.”

 “My fur coat is none of your concerns. Beside it faux fur,” Larentia said in her defensive.

 Delmar shook his head. “Lupe my dear go back to bed. I’ll show the young lady to her room.”

Lupe nodded as she walked away.

Delmar took her bag. “Come follow me. Your room is right down this hallway.”



Thirty minutes later Larentia stood by the fire and watched Delmar as she told him the details of her Cousin Camille’s engagement. Delmar sat on the edge of the bed with his head buried in his hands.  Larentia felt that familiar fire flutter inside her as she watched him.  He was tall, strong and handsome. My stupid cousin Camille doesn’t even realize Delmar is the better man, she thought. 

“Delmar, you should get over Camille. She’s not worth it. You should have seen how her eyes lit up with selfish greed when Desmond gave her that seven-carat emerald-cut diamond ring,” she said, as she closed the distance between them. She on the bed next to him and brushed her body close.

Delmar sighed and looked up at her suspiciously. Sometimes he hated the games women played.

He shrugged. “Seven-carat emerald cut diamond. You seem to know the size of it exactly, he nodded. “Larentia any particular reason why you do?”

Larentia laughed outright. “When I was a child I dreamed of being a gem cutter. I read everything about diamonds and gem cutting. I can spot the size and cut a mile away.”

Delmar’s stare was calculative. “Try that one again Larentia,” he said keeping his voice even.

“Okay maybe I fudged a little. So I dated a gem cutter once,” she shrugged. “He taught me a lot.”  

 “Now that one I will believe,” Delmar said leaning back. “I should get going and let you get some rest.”

Larentia snuggled close to him. She took his took his and guided it to her left thigh.  Her eyes looked up into his. 

 Delmar Devereaux jaw tightened. “What is this?”

“Don’t tell me you’re not interested?” She asked as he eyes narrowed into slits.

Delmar started to laugh. “Don’t tell me you’re trying to proposition me. You want to give me your body for a place to lay you head?”

Larentia drew back and frowned. “I was just suggesting that we occupy our time in the pursuant of pleasuring each other.”

Delmar laughed out loud. “I don’t think so honey. I don’t know where the lady has been,” he shook his head. “In my experience a lady that offers up her wares so quickly and so freely has a flair for a line of profession that has known to be very close to streetwalking. You now the profession that brings its income from a line of work also known as prostitution.”

 Larentia face hardened.

Delmar started to rise off the bed. “Get some sleep Larentia. I need you to have your head clear and fresh in the morning. We need to think of a plan of action on how to break up things between your cousin Camille and that Desmond man. And who knows maybe even get you a seven-carat diamond ring in the process,” he laughed out.

All at once lightning flashed. It illuminated the window.

Larentia reached out her hand and grabbed his arm. “Delmar your house is so big and eerie, even creepy. “Please can’t I just sleep with you? We don’t have to sex or anything. Just keep each other warm and…”

The room went completely dark.

Larentia sobbed out.

A flash of light illuminated the window.  

“Larentia I don’t believe you are acting. I believe you are afraid of thunder and lightning?”

Immediately she threw her arms around him and burst into tears. “Yes…..Yes!”


Stay tuned…….To be continued…
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