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10-14-2012 The Orchid Lover –A Brilliant Idea …Let’s put the plan into action…

10-14-2012 The Orchid Lover –A Brilliant Idea …Let’s put the plan into action…

The next morning, Larentia stretched luxuriously against the soft Egyptian cotton sheets.  She knew the best when she felt it and Delmar Devereaux had spared no expense when he’d brought the expensive linens for the bed she’d slept in.

 At the thought of Delmar’s name she reached out and checked the covers next to her. They hadn’t been touched. She had slept alone.

A soft knocking at the door caught her attention.

“Did I wake you, Larentia?” Delmar asked as he quickly entered.

“No,” she said propping up in bed. “Look Delmar I’m sorry about last night. I don’t want you to think I was trying to get you to sleep with me.”

Delmar looked disapprovingly. “You? Oh I never gave you a second thought. Wishful thinking on your part,” he shrugged as he took a seat by the bed.

Larentia’s eyes sparkled dangerously.

Delmar ignored her and shrugged.  “Look Larentia it’s after eleven o’clock in the morning. I’ve just got off the phone with my secretary, Emma Hyde. She has finalized the arrangements for a Cocktail Party.”

“A cocktail party, Larentia repeated.

Delmar sighed and rose out of the chair. He paced the floor. “You remember last night, when I said we had to think of something right?”

“Yes, we haven’t discussed…”

He turned and faced her. His eyes held hers unflinching. “Larentia you really must get your thoughts in touch with your brain. I had a brilliant idea and I’ve thought up a plan,” he said ecstatically.

She flashed a big smile. “What is it?”

“I have arranged a cocktail party in the honoring your cousin and announcing her engagement to that man. What’s his name Desmond Garcia? At the Hotel De Monterey.”

Larentia laughed. “What? How are you going to get the two of them to agree to attend a cocktail party you arranged in their honor?” she didn’t wait for an answer. “When is this cocktail party supposed to happen?”

Delmar frowned. “Why do you think I pay assistance Larentia?” he asked curtly. “Now get up and get a shower. Curl your hair and get yourself made up. Get your nails done and find a dress and whatever you need to look your best.  This cocktail party is going to happen tonight. It’s all been arranged.”

Larentia blinked back at him in astonishment.

“Oh hell,” he said reaching into his breast pocket.

 He pulled out his cell phone and pressed a button.

“Hello Emma,” he commanded. “I need a full beauty makeover crew at my home right away. Make sure they are complete with a few cocktail dresses.”

Larentia was stunned into silence.

Delmar cleared his throat. “Oh yes the ladies measurements are five feet eight inches tall, breast size thirty eight double-D, waist twenty four inches and hips thirty seven inches.”

Larentia stared back at Delmar with her mouth opened.




Hours later, at the Hotel De Monterey, Larentia listened attentively as Delmar gave her instructions.

Larentia looked down at the iced blue sequined dress she wore. It shimmered like the dark blue of the Pacific Ocean in the hotel’s lighting.  The neckline plummeted and showcased her breast i an alluring manner.

She stared back at herself in the mirror in front of her. She didn’t recognize herself. The makeup artist had accented her cheekbones with a dark wine color and brushed back her hair and coiled it at her neck. She wore a white orchid with a deep wine lip color to accent her check color.

Larentia knew she’d been done up as bait for Desmond.  She even felt like a sexy human orchid.

 “You just make sure you drop that little pill in Desmond’s glass when he’s not looking. Right before everyone starts to leave,” Delmar said looking annoyed as he sat in the big chair in the lobby of the hotel.

The crush of people and music had started to get to him. Delmar rubbed his brow. “God if I knew this many people would show up to say congratulations to the lucky couple. I would have thought of another idea.

Larentia swirled her drink around in her hand. “Gosh I hope this plan of yours work Delmar. I’d hate to be accused of spiking Desmond’s drink.”

Delmar chuckled under his breath. He stared back into the large mirror across from him. It afforded him the opportunity of seeing every angle in the hotel foyer. “Being accused is not a crime. Getting caught would be your problem, Larentia darling,” he smiled smugly.

Larentia tilted her chin. “What will happen to my cousin?”

“Don’t worry about your cousin. Just whisk Desmond out to my limo. The rest will take care of itself.”  

Delmar Devereaux stood and reached out his hand. “Come Larentia we have prey to catch. We must now put our brilliant plan into action.”  

 Stay tuned…….To be continued…

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