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New Episode of The Orchid Lover ~ Chasing the Prey!

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Here’s Another episode of
The Orchid Lover
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*12-09-2012 *
The Orchid Lover – Chasing the Prey
Let the Games Begin….
Larentia’s eyes sparkled dangerously as she exploded into the room. The ice blue sequins on her dress caught the light of the rock crystal chandelier. She radiated a bold sensual energy as she honed in on her target.
Across the room, Desmond Garcia stood by a cluster of ferns at the edge of the massive bar set at the end of foyer. He was talking to a woman and a man.  
Larentia quietly studied him. He was dressed elegantly and held himself in a cool assured happy manner. She watched him as he stood smiling contently. He was happy. If happiness was power it wasn’t right that Desmond Garcia held so much of it she thought.
For a few minutes Larentia stood there and watched Desmond as he spoke to the man and woman. 
The woman was in her early sixties. She was tall and thin and buxomly. Her facial features looked perfectly preserved as if she’d just had a recent shot of Botox.  She was wearing a tight black dress that showed more cleavage than needed.
The man she was standing next to was balding with wrinkles across his forehead and bulging eyes. He was shorter than the woman.
All of a sudden the woman looked up at Larentia. Her eyes tightened as if sensing Larentia was some kind of threat. She nodded a greeting and tapped the man on the shoulder.  The man shook Desmond’s hands and the two walked away.
Desmond Garcia’s eyes captured Larentia’s. His eyes appraisingly came to rest at the Orchid in her hair. He flashed her wide grin.
Larentia ran her hand lightly across her smoothed perfect hair.  The style reminded her of the old 1920’s. She quickly closed the distance between them.
“The wine color on the lip of that orchid you’re wearing is exquisite.  It’s a Cattleya hybrid species, right?” he asked but didn’t wait for her to answer. “I’d know that one anywhere,” Desmond smiled.
Larentia flashed him a wide grin. “You know your orchids Desmond,” she nodded briskly. “I believe congratulations are in order.”
Desmond laughed softly. “Yes I’m a very happy man, who’s now engaged.”
 “A happy moment like this deserves to be toasted,” she said gently. “Please have a toast with me Desmond. I want to congratulate you and my cousin on your engagement,” her eyes darted around the room as she caught sight of her cousin. She raised a surprised brow. “It looks like Camille is talking with that gentleman. Would you like me to get her attention?”
His eyes followed her gaze.  He smiled softly.  Camille was preoccupied talking with Hudson Stone. He was a tall man with thick wavy dark hair that was just beginning to tinge with gray.
Desmond knew Hudson Stone had two fondnesses in life. One was for drinking martinis.  The other was hearing himself talk.  He was a professor from UC Berkley who loved the sound of his own voice.  He was sure the professor was giving Camille an ear full on his latest discovery. For a brief moment he felt sorry for her.  He quickly lost the thought.
“No, Camille is enjoying Hudson’s conversation. Let’s not bother them,” he answered thinking quickly that if Camille wasn’t listening to the professor he might be next in line to have his ear talked off.  He shrugged with the thought and turned his attention back to Larentia.
Larentia looked back at him quickly. “Good, here comes a waiter and it looks like he has my favorite sparkling Spumante and some sugar cubes.”
Desmond regarded her briefly. He watched as she took a sugar cube and placed it in her glass.
 “You like to add sugar cubes?”
“Yes I love to,” she said, “The sugar cube makes the taste better. Would you like to try a glass Desmond?” she asked passing him a glass.
 “Sure, it does look tempting,” Desmond said, as his eyes intently studied his glass. “I did hear that sugar intensifies the favor?”
 “To me it does,” she said holding up her glass. “Here’s to finding true love,” Larentia said raising her glass.
For a moment Desmond hesitantly turned his glass of champagne around in his fingers.
Nervously Larentia bit her lip and continued to stare at him.
 Finally, he smiled slowly. “Yes, here’s to finding true love,” he said, as he clanked his glass with hers.  
The two sipped their champagne silently.
All at once Larentia broke the ice.  “You know you are awfully calm for a man who’s watching his fiancé share a conversation with her old flame…….Oh, what am I saying. I meant to say old friend,” she corrected.  
Desmond’s eyes flashed coldly for a brief moment.
She softly smiled and sipped her champagne. From the cold expression that flashed crossed Desmond’s face, she knew her words had found their target. She watched as Desmond slanted his gaze in Camille’s and Hudson’s direction.
Desmond blinked rapidly. For the first time he noticed the way Hudson let his hand tenderly caress Camille’s arm.  Camille looked on as if she was under a hypnotic spell.
Desmond made a wry face and remained silent. His fingers toyed with the drink in his hand.  “You knew about Hudson and Camille?” he hesitated. “I mean the rumors. You’ve heard about the rumors?”
Desmond looked hurt.
As if reading his thoughts Larentia said. “Rumors…..Rumors…Rumors. You know Desmond someone once said that rumors where the kin-folk of lies.” her voice was low and pleading. “I mean, you shouldn’t believe anything that you hear.”
Then she gulped down her drink as her eyes watched his. “Desmond, you should finish your champagne.  It will calm you,” she said.
Time seemed to stand still.
All at once Desmond threw back his head and finished his drink.
Larentia waived her hand. “Oh waiter,” she said quickly waiving at him. 
She took the empty glass from Desmond’s hand and placed it on the waiter’s tray.
The waiter stood still while she filled the fresh glasses with the sugar cubes.   
 “Here’s a fresh glass Desmond,” she said placing another glass of champagne in his hand.
Desmond held his glass as his eyes traveled around the room.
When his eyes darted back and rested on Larentia’s, he seemed to stare straight through her and looked at the end of the bar.
A tall man in a classic black suit nodded greetings to Desmond. He then walked silently across the room before coming to rest at the end of the bar. 
Desmond nodded. “Larentia I think I’ll go mingle with the rest of the guests,” he said nodding and heading toward the man at the end of the bar.
Larentia stood and watched him as he walked away. She noticed that his movements with slightly slow.   Her eyes darted across the room where her cousin Camille had stood earlier with Hudson Stone. She noticed they were both absent from the room. She wondered where in the hell the two had gone.
A half hour later, Larentia made her way out of the ladies room at the end of the large foyer, behind the stair well.
A man grabbed her arm and pulled her behind the stairwell. “Get back to our prey!” a familiar voice hissed out low.
“Delmar where did you come from?”
He gripped her arm tighter. “Don’t worry about it. Now get back to Desmond, and get his arse down the hallway.”
Delmar abruptly released his grip.
“But how?” she asked rubbing her wrist but not waiting for his response. “And exactly where am I supposed to take him?”
Delmar smiled enjoying the expression of pain he’d inflicted etched across her face. “Tell him Camille asked him to come,” he shook his head. “I don’t know. Make up a lie and tell him something. Then take him down the large hallway just past the statues of Eros and Aphrodite. There’s a small private room just on the left. There’s a little scene of grown folks lust being played out there I think he should know about,” he grinned out in a condescending voice. “Now go and get him now!” he commanded.
Minutes later, Larentia looked relaxed and in complete control of herself, as she strolled with Desmond Garcia down the massive hallway. Her eyes looked innocent and grew large as saucers as she edged him on. She hoped her voice was believable as she said. “Camille asked me to come and get you. Apparently she spilled something on her dress and wants to borrow your coat to cover it.”
Desmond didn’t reply as he followed her.
“Camille is in there,” she said pointing to the door.  She took a step back.
With a thrust Desmond swung open the door.
“What the hell!” Desmond snapped. Anger seared across his face.
Camille jumped out of Hudson’s arms immediately.
Desmond closed the distance between them. His hand lashed out across her face. “Camille you little slut!”
Camille grabbed her face. Tears streaked down her face as she grabbed her dress and ran from the room.
Hudson Stone stood their laughing nervously. “Oh Desmond this isn’t what you think.”
“I saw you kissing her!” Desmond hissed nastily.
“Oh that…..Yes, well it was only just a little kiss, a little tiny one,” Hudson said wearily.
Stay tuned…….to be continued…

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