Saturday, February 8, 2014

What do you need to start writing your novel?

What do you need to start writing your novel?

{I’ll be brief, but you can reach each subject to obtain more information.}

• Subject - A simple brief period in time –where your story takes place.

• Characters

• A Plot

• Dialogue and action. This moves your story forward.

• One view point (point of view)

• A fast-paced, grab your readers attention beginning

• A Middle

• A Strong Ending that makes your reader feel satisfied the story was complete and had understanding.

Next begin writing your Novel.

How do you start? Find your jumping off place. What is a jumping off place? The beginning of a novel. Need examples? Just take a look at the opening chapters of a few of the bestselling novels out there, to see samples of “what grabs the reader’s attention.” And then write you own jumping off place. Yours will be better, fresher, and IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Remember you HAVE A Writer’s Mind. Start writing.

You are far more than you think you are! You are a writer!

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