Thursday, March 13, 2014

I’m a writer now…Should I quit my day job? Oh no you didn’t just ask that!


“I sorry,” I said calmly. “Opps... I meant to say Jello?”

Let me make my point.

Now stuff your mouth full of ice cold red Jello, and then swallow hard. Now ask yourself this…..

“Do I want to eat Jello for breakfast, lunch and dinner?”

Now wait for it!

Do you want to just eat Jello? All the time?

If you ask me...."Jello just doesn't taste that good."

So if you want to be a writer. Be a writer. But hang on to the security of your day job.

What I’m trying to say... “You got to eat!

So don’t start listening to those trippin’ writer hater’s - folks You know the ones who tell you

~ you are a great writer - you should do this for a living. And then tell you to quit the

security of your day job. You won’t be able to find one of them to help you pay your rent.”

Now keep writing and get up tomorrow and head off to the security of that day job.

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