Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Serious about your writing?

Serious about your writing?

Take Time Daily To Pursue Your Dream! The only way to become a writer is to write…

If you are like me your day is busy. Every minute of the day is crammed with something you must do.

Yet you want to pursue your dream to write.

What do you do?

Schedule time to write daily.




All I'm saying is free up sometime in your busy schedule and then use that time to write.

For example, if you have a favorite TV show and you watch it. Chances are you got thirty minutes or an hour of time right there that you could spend writing. With this time you could start writing your outline or the first chapter of your book.

Hey but what about my favorite show?

Well think about recording it and then watching it on the weekend or your day off.

If you start pursuing your dream to write today, you make finishing your book a reality.

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