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The Grand Hotel - Confessions, Mixing Love & Pleasure.....

Chapter 17

Confessions, Mixing Love & Pleasure...

Monty Wildfire marched down the hall to the elevator. He was mad as hell. “Who does that old bat, Grand mere Catherine, think she is? I’m Monty Wildfire. I can have any woman I want,” he murmured as he got on the elevator. He punched the buttons without a thought. His handsome face was deeply marred with a frown.

The elevator door slid open.

“Monty Wildfire!” A woman’s sultry voice called as she entered.

Monty couldn’t recall the voice. His eyes had trouble looking at the woman’s face. His eyes locked, spellbound and at eye level with the woman’s chest. Forty double D cups gave him a high salute and shook him out of his melancholy mood.

“Admiring the girls Monty?”

Monty nodded and finally looked at the woman’s face. It was Fleur Lemieux. Grinning, he rubbed his chin.

Fleur Lemieux was a very tall, very attractive, well built woman. A man could get lost in her well built chest.

Unbeknownst to but a few of the wealthiest people in Silicon Valley, Fleur Lemieux ran an escort service. They did more than just make the best looking, eye candy, model types to be escorted to that special event. They could take care of a man’s or a woman’s every need.

“Well….Well,” Monty said approvingly licking his lips. “Are you staying at the hotel Fleur?”

Fleur would be a perfect diversion for the evening and she would take his mind off of Pearl. He swallowed hard. Damn, Pearl didn’t know how much he cared about her. How much he loved her. He stared back at Fleur. He did love her breasts. He licked his lips. Plus he knew Fleur owed him big time. He’d sent several rich guys her way for business.

“Yes…Yes….Monty I am. If you’ve got any free time I can take care of that favor I owe you,” she said.

“Well, I won’t lie. I’m free now,” Monty said.

“How wonderful,” she said smiling softly. “It just so happens I’m free right now too. Would you like to do me for free?”

Monty chuckled at her play on words. He was glad the elevator was empty.

“You know I would,” he licked his lips again. He could feel his body warming in all the right places.

Fleur pushed the elevator button. The door opened. “This is my floor,” she said leading the way to her suite. She walked over to a door and instantly her hand swiped the key card and the door opened.

“Nice,” Monty grinned and walked further into the room, admiring the view. The room wasn’t as luxurious as the one Pearl was staying in. Funny, he thought he couldn’t shake Pearl from his thoughts. He knew why. It was because he wanted her. He wanted Pearl badly. Grand mere Catherine’s words echoed through his mind. She thought Pearl was too good for him. He smiled softly. He figured out a way to show them. He’d get even with La Cours if it was the last thing he did.

He turned and looked at Fleur. She was tall, yes. But she was nothing compared to Pearl. Still, if he looked at Fleur just right, she didn’t look like a whore. He could fuck her with pleasure. He smiled softly.

Fleur Lemieux closed the distance between them. She touched Monty’s arm. “I have a full bar set up in the bedroom this way. What would you like to drink?”

“Bourbon, straight,” he said.

Monty watched Fleur walk to the bar and pour two glasses of bourbon.

Fleur tried to make small talk. “So Monty, I hear the Grand Isles Ball has already received over four hundred fifty thousand dollars in donations tonight. Do you think this has been the highest amount collected?” she asked running a finger gently against his thigh.

“No, but the final receipts have been calculated. The totals won’t be known until at least the end of the week. But the money is for charity. It’s all going to a good cause.”

Fleur took the moment and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor. She stood naked before him.

Quickly Monty tossed back his drink and swallowed hard. He reached and poured himself another one. He gulped it down immediately. He turned around and looked at Fleur. The booze was starting to make her look better.

“Good, no underwear,” he said with a shrug. “I hate the stuff, it just slows you down.”

Fleur closed the distance between them. “You know, if you think about it, what I’m doing right now is for a good worthy charitable cause too,” she said quickly taking off Monty’s jacket. Like a skilled pro she unbuttoned his shirt and removed the rest of his clothes in seconds.

Softly he smiled looking down as his body swelled. Seductively he glanced up at Fleur. “You know, the charity you’re about to take care of is for a worthy cause too.”

Monty’s hands went instantly to cup her breasts. His fingers were expert at touching a woman. “I’m going to name your breasts Charity, for they do perform a worthy cause,” he murmured.

She purred.

Suddenly he felt Fleur’s naked body......

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Sexy sirens, Femmes’ Fatales, The Seductress - Unleashing The Wild Seductress in Your Writings!

Wild Women Do

Remember hearing that song from the movie Pretty Woman?

Some lyrics in the song said....Wild Women Do!

So you’re writing that story and it needs something. Or someone. You think it’s time you had a character who was a Wild Women. A Seductress...

What to do?

You are thinking, just throw her in the story somewhere. Hmmmm here’s a thought. The seductions is not just any Willy, dilly, or filly character.

The Seductress is bigger than life!

She needs to have a starting point. Meaning you must consider whom she is like. For example, is your seductress a Marilyn Monroe type? Or a Madonna, Sharon Stone, or Dorothy Dandridge played Carmen Jones, Or maybe she is Halle Berry as Ginger Knowles, or Sanaa Lathan who played Ann Merai Harrison in Out of Time or Zoe Saldana as Aisha al Fadhil in The Losers

or Rosario Dawson as Gail in Sin City.

What’s my point? These women knew how to unleash their allure of female assets to sexually dominate their male counterparts.

Therefore follow the sex rules for The Seductress – show the seductress seducing that man.

Remember: “As the Devil said to his star seductress in the Broadway production of Damn Yankees This is a straight seduction job, Lola.”

Now in my own words make your seduction count burn up the pages with your sexy seduction scenes.

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Writing The Story ….Some Suggestions & Things to Remember When Writing…

It’s not only what happens when you write, but who, what, when, how and where. Pace your book when writing. Be sure you string the reader along. What do I mean by string the reader along? I mean make the reader interested so that the reader keeps reading.

Think of what happens next? What are you doing to move the story alone?

In some chapters you want to give out information and introduce the complication (plot). This is where you make it interesting to keep the reader reading. Know what to tell and what to leave off.

Check your outline against your story. Look at the beginning, middle and end of your story.

Remember the key elements of your story. Have you introduced your main characters such as the hero, or heroine? When describing them choose your words carefully. Think of it this way the amount of time you spend describing a character tells the reader how important they are.

Let your character’s voices speak.

Next up complication (plot) and the secondary characters. Who are they? What do they do?

Next do you have confrontations, suspense, physical attraction, and the realization of something unattainable? >p> What are these?

Things that keep you story moving. This is not to say you give the reader every small detail.

Now start writing!