Saturday, May 3, 2014

Coming May 8, 2014 Exclusively to AMAZON.COM.......

Coming May 8, 2014 Exclusively to Amazon Com .......

Lovers, Players & The Seducer

is a contemporary novel, a bittersweet tale revolving around two star crossed lovers, Lacey and Kienan. Lacey La Cour lost her hopeful playful spirit after being dumped by her childhood sweetheart. Now an adult she is strong and independent. Her life is perfect. Making her the perfect target of her manipulative, selfish older brother Nicholas’ schemes.

Her older brother Nicholas sees her as the perfect target of his manipulative schemes after a series of bad investments places him in a great need of money.

Greed and a vengeful Seducer soon weave a web of deceit that threatens to betrayal a lifetime friendships.

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