Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Deceiver ~ A Geek, An Angel!

The Deceiver

Enter the world of Eve Lafoy- a world filled with decadent parties, sultry encounters,

and a fabulous nightlife.

A world inhabited by jealousy and betrayal.

After losing her heart at sixteen, Eve Lafoy spent her life in a string of painful relationships. Now at

twenty six, her life is comfortable without romance. No man is worth the effort. In fact she is

thriving and her life couldn’t be better. A surprise Sunday Brunch encounter with mysteriously handsome Malak Deville has Eve rethinking her thoughts. After she gets wrapped up in Malak’s strong

embrace her indifference changes into fascination and then into desire.

Malak Deville hides a secret. He has been wounded deeply by a woman. Yet, after his first time seeing

Eve, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

But Eve refuses to take him seriously.

Yet he’s not about to give up on the woman who can fill the emptiness in his heart. Malak is willing to rely upon the magic of everyday things to win her heart.

Together they encounter fate, an implacable enemy, and a rival’s schemes….

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